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2-х местный номерNo intermediaries

Detailed description

The guests of our hotel are waiting for perfect comfort, quality service, a climate of relaxation and indifference, cozy numbers and, at all, a reasonable cost. It is these characteristics that many of the travellers consider to be key in choosing a suitable hotel, that is what our hotel stands out against the background of others.

The Venera resort provides optimal living conditions for guests with different needs and preferences through the availability of different categories and flexible price policies. Our hotel fits both for family recreation with children and for those who want to turn their vacation at sea into a real adventure.

There are:

- Sea 2-3 minutes on foot;

- Remote cab stop 128;

- 1 minute shop;

- LOC Vision;

Комфорт- 20 minutes to Paralia Park.


A single room and two-room room number with all the conveniences in the room is proposed: saniul (dush, toilet), splinter system, television, refrigerator, Wi-Fi Internet, balcony. All the numbers are simple and quality. There are also Econom numbers - class on the 5th floor.

3-х местныйNutrition:

The cost of living is the 3-time feeds of the Swedish table. The hotel ' s administration reserves the right to move to integrated food during loading of less than 60 people.

Visitors (free):

- Three-time feeds on the Swedish table system;

4-х местный номерTransfer (at 10 days);

Children ' s room and children ' s space;

Child and adult animation;

- WI-FI Internet;

- Open basin use;

- desk tennis and billiard;

- change of linen 1 times 5 days;

cleaning daily and upon request;

- 80 car parking.

To guest services (paid):

- Café;

- Touring bureau;

- Transfer organization;

- The shop;

- Laundry.

DETI: Accepted at any age.

Children up to 5 are admitted free of charge without additional food.


We draw your attention to the fact that free accommodation is possible only for the first child in the room, that the rest of the children are paid with a discount.


  • Children up to 5 years of age in the main 20 per cent;
  • children up to 12 years of age 30 per cent
  • 20 per cent discount

Rules and conditions of stay in the guest house:

  • Smoking in the rooms is prohibited, only on the balcony;
  • Time of departure is 14.00, time of exit is 12.00.

2-х местный номер Двухкомнтаный номер

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