Hainan Rests Year

Theme of training: " In the Roscoe Women through the Upgrading of Dooshi and Tel "
14 unforgettable days of transformation and recreation in the paradise on the coast of the South China Sea!
Leading training: Albina Róprea and Olga Turbina
Although, for me, this is the first experience of the field training, I am confident that in the 14 days of our joint rest, we will be able to create new habits of youth and beauty. And we'll get a lot of results in the shape of the face and body.

Below are the feedback on the off-site training of the Arab Fiction or 1,000 Shaherizada secrets. October 2015

Anna, 44 years

Graduated training gives a complete immersion of the tasks that are short of time in everyday life and of power. In a field trip, and especially in another country, you can take off all your usual masks, thus not only turn and become real (which is very expensive) but try different images without false complacency. All the participants who came here are helping because they also take masks and try new, sometimes unusual and shocking images. Plus, all the visitors have come together for nothing and in different situations, except for the training, they're pulling you off, and you can see them from the side, understand it. And of course, the vast amount of information that trains, new, infinitely useful, and all that is for yourself. You can write forever. Touch the coaches!
The morning practice was the first step to the habit of living in the sun, which means being in a resource all day. The morning pages are the way. Helps me come in literally. Thank you!
Trening Albina and all her image show, and Albina's heading to open up, develop, give birth to the woman in each of us. And when you see that coach, the real woman realizes it's possible! Thank you!

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