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The food book, but it doesn't have a prescription for cooking.
But there's a sea of clues for those on travel who are not only interested in virtue or beach.
Marina Mirona's journalist, based on his 10-year experience of the world's great journeys, has created a useful book for those who are familiar with countries, their traditions and culture through gastronomy.

"The majority of my "moments" is linked to the topic of food. I love being familiar with the new place is empirical. And then from that experience, the feeling of real Morocco, Uzbekistan, Iran, France, Russia is growing. The state of what an unspeakable tourist wants to catch. And let the Michelangelo fall on my head, but I am convinced that the gastronomy is a simpler, faster and more effective way of opening up, for example, Italy, rather than a protocol run at the Vatican Museums in front of the Chinese tourist groups, is written by Marina Miron in the book "Eda Without Borders." The rules of delicious travel."

The book deals with gastronomical traps and ways to avoid them, the rules of the gastronomical tourist, preparations for the cooking part of the journey, what to draw the attention of a traveller who seeks to understand the country through taste of it, and the places where to do so, so that he or she does not lose his own leisure, and to gain his pleasure, emotions and knowledge.

Where do you get the information? Should I trust the feedback on TripAdvisor?
What's the "SS" rule: season, special products, specialties?
How do we organize a tour of the farm and what cooking courses?
How do you find restaurants for your own and go to home lunch with local residents?
The answers to these and many other questions are in Food Without Borders.

Marina Mironov shares not only his experience, but also provides comments from experts - chiefs, vineyards, Somalis, gourman travelers, repeaters, writers, magazine editors and sites.

I've been taking a recent trip to Italy, and the book has already been useful - because of it, I went to a wonderful restaurant in Venice, found out about the Italian Gastronomical Plateau, Gambero Rosso, the book of Elena Kostucovich, "Eda, Italian happiness, the blog of food in the literary and Italian fascia.
And for the next trip on Toscan, I wrote out some addresses where I'd try to get.

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