отдых греция отзывы

Recipes From The Rest

Adults and children ' s eyes

This year, we hit Rodos almost randomly. We knew we'd spend the vacation in Greece, but where exactly we had to ask. As always, it doesn't make sense that with finance, with dates.

Unforfeited Athens

Hello! I want to tell you about our trip to Athens! Thanks to the advice of the depressing guides (for which they would like to thank), we decided to visit the capital.

Rest to Neos Marmaras

When we arrived again leisure with childrenand stayed at the Porto Carras Hotel, the kids wanted to go back to the sea trip (before we were on a few), and I certainly supported them.

Retraction to the tour by the Prozubec Poseidon

Hello, everyone! I want to write again how we've rested on the Halkidik family. We were very impressed by the beauty of the water in the Aegean Sea. And I already described how we traveled on the boat.

Northern capital of Greece

Hello, dear friends. I want to share with you the impressions of a trip to the northern capital of Greece, the city of Thesaloniki. I went to a review tour as a tourist with my friends who came to northern Greece for the first time in Halkidki.

Holy Afon cruise

Hello, dear readers, this time I'd like to share with you a story about the tour I've been on my own recently. It's a saint Afon cruise around the Holy Mountain, with species of 8 out of 20 monasteries, a stop in the city of Uranoupoli, and a visit to the wine. ♪

Black Toronos cruise

Hello, everyone! I'd like to share the impressions of the Night Toronos cruise that I visited the other day. About half a fifth night from the guest house took a comfortable bus with the air conditioner, the driver of Maxim and accompanying Jana.

How we went to Corfu Island

I'd like to tell you more about the air tour on Korfu, which my husband and my children have visited recently. Great airlines and a beautiful route organization, a green island and a tavern lunch.

Romantic flight to Corfu Island

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