Фотографии отдыха с детьми

Mayan Feedback

It's only May! The Karel rivers are pounding with the power of the periled poem.

It's time for big water!

If you decided to get the first charge of the summer adrenaline, it's time!

Uxa, Uxun, Uxunyoki Waiting for you!

The Uxa River is an amateur place of water adventure fans. The Mayan alloy program is literally collected from unbearable impressions.

The thresholds from the first to the third category of complexity would offer participants a very active burden and good adrenaline.

Our guests are particularly popular with the Sernitsankoski threshold, the Rossy Slon, which divides the river ' s track into two prototypes and offers a small version of newcomers and more experienced travellers an extreme challenge.

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