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Кизлярская ЛагунаRest and recreational entertainment is what everyone needs without exception. If you decide to rest on the recreational grounds of the Caspian Sea, you'll be very surprised by the wealth of options available. The number of rest bases on Dagestan territory is quite large. This is conditioned by the unique natural and climatic conditions of Dagestan.

If you're looking for a good rest base in the Republic of Dagestan, you're at the address! We have detailed residence prices, number categories, availability and cost of additional services, and of course there is a detailed photo gallery for each. recreational facilities♪ We'll help you quickly find the right place, in accordance with your wishes.

Грин ВиллThe Kislar Laguna is offering you the best! Beautiful, modern bottches with different categories of numbers, well-built in accordance with European standards, surely sympathize with guests!

The Green Vill Recreation Base is located in the recreational zone of the Dagestan Primor, which has been reserved for recovery purposes in Soviet times, 30 kilometres south of Mahachal.

The Delfin recreation base is invited to rest in the Republic of Dagestan, the city of Mahachala, adults and children with parents, offering accommodation in comfortable rooms.

The modern hotel complex, Jamie, invites you to rest on the shores of the beautiful Caspian Sea.

Odyssey is a well-equipped, own sand beach and, of course, the Lasco Caspian Sea, whose waters give a resting sense of heaven and peace.

Well-built numbers of the economy-- and lux-grade, cozy dining room, where you can eat delicious and cheap, clean beach-- what else is needed to make a great summer?

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    The very good climate of Chief Ali Imranovich is a very good soul for all santatorium officers.

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