Маврикий отдых

Mauritian Feedback

The " Ranger reservation " is available on any dates of the 2017 summer season and is the ideal way to purchase low-cost tours in any interest hotel with a residence discount of up to 50 per cent, with the choice of convenient air travel.

Five reasons to book the tour!
Better before, better!

When we're going on vacation, we're planning everything to be small. We need confidence in every detail. We don't leave ourselves with a mistake. I mean, even the smallest thing that could ruin the journey. That's why we're choosing a reliable tour operator, a hotel with positive feedback and a high rating, a well-established air carrier with new comfortable ships. Proceeding a cultural and entertainment program for travel time, collecting a suitcase carefully and with full responsibility, buying funds from tanium and steel heads. We want to be sure that everything will be at the highest level. Especially if we go on vacation with little children or older parents.

It's time to plan the perfect vacation. And if we use the Ranger Broadcasting, we can save well. Many travellers are advised to catch the burning tour, claiming it's cheaper. Let's figure out what this is about early reservation, identifying five main advantages and reasons for booking tours in advance.

1. Savings and mutual benefits

Early reservation involves the purchase of a tour before the start of the tourist season, a couple months before the anticipated travel (minimum for 21 days). The tour operator and hotels are interested in selling as many tours as possible by the beginning of the season, ensuring that they are loaded and safe from economic unrest and unforeseen situations. The hotels prefer to discount customers and make sure they have many guests during the season rather than inclined to keep prices, risking and relying on unexpected travellers spontaneously assembled on vacation. The tour operator is also interested in moving ahead. Wishing to reduce risks, it provides discounts for formed tours. Thus, the stock discounts for early reservation are composed of the hotel and tour operator discounts. Normally, between 3 per cent and 45 per cent depending on the direction and the hotel.

The more expensive the tour, the more tangible the discount. Saving money can update the wardrobe on vacation, buy a new suitcase, pay the tours and souvenirs.

Another indisputable plus is that the tour is paid at the time of payment, i.e. another euro and dollar takeoff will no longer affect the cost of your tour.

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