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Green Plaza.

"Retro" guest house in Vitazavo

"Zyridis" guest house in Vitazavo

Irina Hotel in Anape

"H2O" hotel in Vitazavo

"The story" is a mini-host in Vitazavo.

"Dear Vu" hotel in Anapa

"Alex" guest house in Vitazavo

"Anap Breez" board in Jemet.

Antares Hotel in Jemet.

"Venus" hotel in Jemet.

Megas-Alexandros Hotel in Vitazavo

"Palada" hotel in Anape

Alecsandre guest house in Anape

The Grapevine guest house in Jemet.


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Витязево отдыхRest in Vitazavo - that's what everyone wants. But where is this mysterious place? This truly paradise is 20 kilometres from Anapa. He was named after the hero of the Russian-Turkish war of Vitia. It's a modern resort center. It is often called “Greek” settlement. This is a simple explanation: a large number of ethnic Greeks live here. You can hear even a Greek speech in the palaces.

Vitazevo is a luxury sun, a warm sea, a beautiful nature, a modern developed industry of all kinds of entertainment. The coup season lasts from May to September. The average water temperature at sea is 20 to 25 degrees.Отдых в Витязево Bliss, isn't it? The sea is clean and transparent, which is good for rest with the kids. It's getting warm enough. And the bottom of you will be pleasant: half, no vagina, no depths.

The main thing that brings tourists here is long beaches covered with small-scale sand. It's convenient to stretch on them and to put your blond body under the sun's rays! The width of the coastal strip is at least 100 metres. So you lie down, enjoy, and no one's stopping you. The sand is blurry and slide under the sun so it seems silver, the sea is luxury in its arms.

On the beach, you'll be able to see a few buildings from the cane. They have bars and tables with comfortable chairs. It's so nice to sit here and look at the sea, dragging some exotic cocktail through the straw! And the depth of the sea starts from a hundred, not before.

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