Sea Rest In June

Rest at sea abroad in June. Tours, prices and tour operators. Recalls where to rest and where to go in June 2017.

There comes a month when many people forget about work, collect their suitcases and go to the shores of lakes, rivers and seas. And those who stayed in the office are waiting for the weekend to take a piece of summer pleasure. Two non-working weeks, or even a month, free from the call of the alarm and the paperwork.

Where to? How do we spend this time not only with good use, but it's my pleasure to spend the whole year looking at sandre photos of our journeys, to remember the days of such long-awaited and such bright leave?

The sea and sand are probably two main requests for leavers. However, sand can be replaced by galc in the last case. Now, you can afford to show up and choose something that doesn't get a tangible hole in the budget and enjoy the body and the shower. The choice of resort in June should be treated with caution: not everywhere in June, weather contributes to real beach rest. And if you don't want to rub in the pool's chlorine instead of the sea, you better study the country you want to visit.


It's a real summer for tourists in Greece. Thermometer shows about +30 °C. It's important what place to rest is the mainland or island. The islands have a softer climate, and the heat is moving easier. It's a cold breeze last night.


In Israel, there is a real heat in June, up to +37 °C, and incendiary sunlighters are always sufficient. If the possibility of treating the salts and muds of the Dead Sea is added to this, rest will be not only pleasant but useful. Walk across town and outskirts, order some tours, because any town and country don't know the edge of the sea!

Morocco - Cyprus - Tunisia

The black and Azov seas and their service-level resorts have long reached the border.

And Tunisia will meet its guests with a real heat of +40 °C, which is not the limit! In July and August, there was a real pitfall, so those who were not used to such a climate should visit Tunisia now.

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