Rest In Greece

Rodos - Greece

Reading on the Rodose Tourister, and she's wrapped me up on the beautiful island, dried up memories, wanted to dwell in the blue sea... Why would that be? Probably because the window is cold and sero, and Rodos is so bright, solar, lustful of blue sea, brown colours. ♪ ♪


Remuneration - Greece

Critical family. I've been wanting to go to some Greek family for a long time. ♪

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Hanya - Greece

Back from the White Mountains to Hanu, we decided to turn off the track and go back to the mountain road to see remote villages.

To the beach, to the beach. The best option is Rodos, Greece. Dead and hearty, and most importantly, beautiful and colorful, I thought I was at the beginning of last summer.

Georgiopolis, Argiropolis - Greece

How we rested on Crete in just a few days.

Two years ago, I was forced to load into this cave of Slon my current Igor Kavkin, his hobby paleontology.

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Thesaloniki, Paralia Katerini, Dionycio-Paralia - Greece

They were nice holidays, with a taste of young wine, a crunch of cake and a zizziki. Don't ever give up on this pleasure, tell Paralia!

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Taverna Georgos-Retino

Georgos' farmhouse. In winter on Crete, the majority of people rest, usually for resort countries. It's good that I have a lot of hobby: a fisherman, a submarine hunt, and I've had a photograph lately. I went fishing for a mountain river this morning. But it didn't work, because of the rain, the little stream turned into a burning river.

Attica, Egina - Greece

The islands in the Attica region, near Attica, which in ancient times competed for influence with the current Greek capital, and where all conditions for a pleasant and calm rest now exist.



The Gomer's Evil Mickens were once the most powerful and richest city of Ellada. According to myths, their founder is Persia, the one who killed Gorgon Medusa and saved Andromeda. They think he lived at the beginning of XIV in advance. But archaeologists have proved that... ♪

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