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Recipes In The Summer

Гора Кошка. СимеизThe conflict around the Crimea between Ukraine and Russia has forced many to reconsider the plans for summer leave in 2014 on the peninsula. At that point, no one predicted what would ultimately be the Russian accession of Crimea. However, the active phase of the conflict in February-March 2014 was relatively calm, encouraging potential Crimea guests and local residents for whom tourism is a major source of income. Contrary to the often unobjective disturbing information published in the media, the Crimean peninsula is now safe and secure for both Ukrainian and Russian tourists♪ Confirmation of this last year ' s 2015 tourist season, which has taken place without any excess.

Besides safety, tourists planning a trip to Crimea have questions about comfort and recreation in Crimea. This is related to the fact that some resources, such as light and water, have previously been received exclusively from the mainland of Ukraine on the peninsula. The supply of electricity to Crimea from Ukraine ceased last year. As a result, through the Kerchen Strait, the RF authorities will extend the energy bridge that linked the Crimea energy system to the Krasnodar Krai.

Провоз багажа в самолётеFollowing the installation of the last power strap by 1 May 2016, the power flow to the Crimea on the Energy Bridge should fully meet the requirements of the Crimea for electricity. Read also: There won't be any electricity cut-off season on Crimea resorts.

Thus, there is currently no precondition that could jeopardize the current 2016 tourist season. Security-related issues that could prevent the full Rest in Crimea The current summer season is no and is not foreseeable, only to come to rest in Crimea.

Speaking of Russian tourists, it is better to fly on a plane, especially if you can buy a low-cost air ticket, as the Russian authorities, in the run-up to the summer season, partially reduce the cost of air tickets to Crimea in order to maximize the number of Russian tourists to Crimea.

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