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Rest In Egyptians In The Year

Egypt had two mainlands: the Sinai peninsula of Asia and, at the same time, North Africa. The capital, as well as the largest city in Africa, Cairo, based on the Nile River. Rest in Egypt are lask beaches, red and Mediterranean sea bruises, entertainment tournaments, including the ancient pyramids of Giza, as well as safari on the outskirts of the Sahara Desert. Thanks mainly to the tropical climate, Rest in Egypt It's nice any time of the year. It is worth noting that the air temperatures of day and night are very high. On beach resorts, temperatures may fall to 15 degrees, and in deserts, there may even be small night freezes. Undoubtedly, Hurdada and Sharm el-Sheikh are among the popular beach resorts. This is where the most vivid dywingo class, thanks to the richness of the underwater world, the painting coral reefs.

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