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Kola, Palol, Murudeshwar, Karnataka, Goa-India

"This is India, man. It's India. It's the country where the heart is in control...”

Goa - India

About elephants, jungle, beaches, palms, monkeys and specials, ocean and sunset... Goa with love!

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Road trip to the GPA. Start from Varanasi, through Delhi, to the sea! Ten days of a local guy named Mario. And, of course, adventures, sea palms and beaches!


Kolwa - India

Kolwa is a small village in south Goa. Its main tourist attraction is a wonderful beach that has been stretched to 24 kilometers and is considered to be one of the best in the state.

Mapusa, Wagator, Arambol, Chapora - India

Looking at the Golden Triangle of India, we've moved on. Beach rest Goa. SpiceJet's flight on Indian ancient national tradition was delayed by 1, 5 hours, which has not been embarrassed. The flight itself didn't go very hard, except for the landing, seven circles for 1:20, we slashed over Vasco yes. ♪


Palolem - India

From the resort (Vagator, North Goa) to an even larger resort (Palola, South Goa) on buses.

Rest on the Indian Ocean coast is a fairy tale! God's waves are gentle to you, a giant sandy beach long 7, 5 kilometres wide and 200 metres wide is great, but! If it weren't for you, it would be heaven on earth.

Hotel feedback

4.8 / 5

Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort - Calangut

I'll start with the hotel away from the road, and the buses don't drive directly to the recipe gate. For someone, it's a minus, because it takes five minutes to carry a suitcase on a rough road, but in person, I only saw the pros because the hotel is in...



The location can be seen using the MAPS.Me application, just hitting the name. It's free offline maps that really help us travel. New Delhi: 1. Hare Krishna Guesthouse, in our view, the most cozy haus in New Delhi, acceptable. ♪ ♪

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