Тур в Китай 13 дней (12 ночей)

Chinese Holidays

We're studying the Heinan vacation. Meet the features of weather, beaches, sights and entertainment.

Heinan Island, according to tourists, does not look like mainland China: the ranking of the country ' s main resort has printed its way of life and atmosphere. Due to geographical location, he is often called the Hawaii. Most of the time is solar, and even in the harshest winter days, air temperatures are not lower than +20°C. Thanks to its climate and well-developed infrastructure, Heinan Island in China has become a popular recreation site not only for local residents but also for foreign tourists.

On vacation on Heinan.

Rest on the island of Heinan is a good opportunity to engage in diving and surfing, to test effective methods of Chinese medicine and to learn the country ' s cultural traditions. Heinan treatment is considered to be low-cost in South-East Asia.

In the reports of China, tourists note that the weather allows the Heinan to rest a year round. The coastal strip is similar and wide, with small light sand. But the beaches on the island are municipal and almost always multi-faced. In China ' s New Year on the beach, some tourists are irritating the noise and the inseparability of Chinese people, although it is possible to avoid contact with the local population by living in the Yalanwan tourist area. It's a private vacation, but it's a pretty high cost.

Food in the cafe is delicious and good, there are many restaurants specializing in the production of seafoods, but it's worth a lot of cash, so in Heinan the price of dishes, according to tourists, better refined during the order. According to the reports, Heinan is at risk of being disappointed and whispered: anything can be bought here, but it's hardly profitable, even Duty Fries are not welcome.

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