Отдых на острове Хайнань

Heinan Recreation And Treatment

For the majority of tourists, the main objective of the visit to China is to effectively combine rest and health procedures from the traditional Chinese medicine arsenal. Of course, the best place for this is Heinan Island. Today, it is not just a fascination resort and entertainment facilities, but also a high-level hospital and sanatorium centre. In particular, there are over 10 CTC certified centres on the island. Most of them are in the city of Sanya.

Treatment on the island helps to heal or substantially improve the following diagnosis:

- Heart disease
-Patology of the spine, crust radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatism
- I'm sorry.
- Alcohol, drug and tobacco dependence
- Sugar diabetes and associated complications
- Gynaecological diseases and climatic disorders
-Start, renal and greedy stones.
Diseases of the nervous system (DCP, insomnia, migraine, sclerosis, neurological)
- Insult consequences
- Weight

The list of diagnostics is, of course, far from complete, as full potential Heinan Island, by the truth, we are. When unique natural resources and medical knowledge accumulated over five thousand years are used to improve the system, the result is truly stunning.

Today, the holidays and patients at the Heinan Station offer individualized methods of CTC, especially:

- Acupuncture.
- Light gymnastics (cygun)
- Akupressuru (point massage)
- Bamboo bank treatment
- Therapy.
- Marine algae conservation
- Subparagraph (ignition)
- Talassotherapy.
- Phyto-Parent
- Auriculotherapy (special massage of ear cancers)
- Aromatherapy.

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