Отели Кипра

Cyprus Has Retired

The Cyprus Requirement enables the requests of any client. Represented from the cheap 2 stars to the luxury hotels of the suite. Service level is generally high, but where the number of stars does not imply its high quality, hotel Cypriots compensate for its goodwill and respect for Rosians.

It cannot be noted that the hotels are mostly not new, of course many of them have been refurbished, but the overall status of the registration fund is not high. This is particularly true for low- and medium-sized hotels.

Comparing Cyprus ' hotels with other countries... ♪ Some five won't give way to hotels in this category in the OAE or the Maldives, but middle-level hotels, if the owners have been delayed, may not be better than Egyptians.

One of the characteristics of hotels in Cyprus, as in many other countries, is that they do not own the coastline. And usually if the hotel didn't agree with the municipality about the beach rental, the leathers and umbrellas for you will be paid. But the beach equipment in the hotel, even in hotels sufficiently far from the shore, will be free.

What kind of a Cyprus resort

When selecting a hotel in the country, the tourist should draw attention to regions, the characteristics of hotels could be geographically distinguished. For example, the beaches of Aya Napa and Protara are mostly white sands, and if there are galca jewels, it's small. The hotels are fairly democratic and even those that are five stars are not always of high quality. However, it is the most popular region and, as a consequence, local hotels are always overcrowded. So if you want to stay in a good hotel all the time, you need to choose and book it in advance, best spring.

Larnaca has a darker sand and mostly no galka, Larnaca hotels are not much, compared to Aya Napa, it's more calm, but the hotel level is the same.

Limassol's probably the biggest resort in Cyprus, so you can find hotel hotel hotels like Le Meridien, Amathus and similar hotels of very high quality and quality of service. It's mostly sand-glass.

So, Paphos, there's a luxury hotel in Limassol, along with economic and cheap. And the sand on the beaches is mostly wet, the sea entrance, usually on the stone bottom.

With regard to the behaviour of hotels, there is nothing to highlight, there is a need to adhere to generally accepted norms. Placs, swimmers, beach slips in restaurants are unacceptable, and in private public places there is no welcome. For dinner at the restaurant, it would be appropriate to wear a girl's dress and a man's pants and shirt.

Types Cyprus

There are plenty of hotels that are perfect for family recreation, they have a good childhood animation, child meals on the " All On " system, and some of the water mountain hotels, although for Cyprus this is more an exception than the rule, such hotels are on all resorts.

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