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Mysterious Turkmenistan is the sands of the famous desert of Caracum, an amazing nature, an unsuccessful landscape and, of course, unsuccessful Akhaltecians. There is little who knows that people lived in modern Turkmen more than three thousand years ago.

Today, there are many historic monuments, the remnants of the ancient cities of Amul and Merwa, as well as the Mosques of Talhatan Baba and Astana-Babah.

Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia. In the north, the country borders Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the eastern neighbour of the State is solar Uzbekistan. In the south, Turkmenistan is neighbouring Afghanistan and Iran. Western part of the country is wasted Caspian Sea♪ The natural feature of Turkmen is the predominance of the area with sands of the famous Caracums. I wonder if this desert is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. It is renamed as black sands.

Most of the population is Turkmen (approximately 90 per cent), about 3 per cent of the inhabitants are Uzbeks, more than 2 per cent are Russians and almost so many Kazakhs. Turkmen is considered the State language. It teaches schools and universities. The Turkmen language is very close to Azerbaijani and Turkish.

More than 90 per cent of the population is Muslim. There are several significant Muslim holy sites in Turkmen, which are objects of mass pilgrimage. The most popular Muslims are the Babagammar, the Mausolei of Serakhsba, the Islamic dolls of the Middle Ages.

Turkmenistan ' s world knowledge has brought a unique breed of horses, Akhaltecian. These scouts are unusually drip, fast and beautiful. It's not worth the most expensive people who treat this species.

природа Туркменистана


5,042,000 (for 2010)


491 200 km2

Population density

10 persons/km2





Form of government

Presidential Republic



Clock belt


International telephone code


Internet home area

культурно развлекательный центр мечеть Туркменбаши Рухы национальные блюда отель

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