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Vladimir Nikolayev, the owner of the 211 company involved in the organization of activities in Baikal, said what the world ' s tourism industry was doing, and what it needed to be done to ensure that Russia had a decent share.

Vladimir Nikolaev, owner of company 211.

Today, tourism accounts for about 9 per cent of world GDP or $7 of trillion, a figure that continues to increase. According to the World Tourism and Travel Council, the sector will grow by 4 per cent per year faster than financial services, transport and production.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum in Davos provided an assessment of 141 economies (98 per cent of world GDP) and an analysis of their impact on tourism. Countries assessed 14 parameters, including: safety, health and hygiene, price competitiveness, cultural and natural resources, transport and tourism infrastructure.

Here's the first ten:


"Russia took the 45th place in general. My country has a low national priority in tourism. High points on natural and cultural heritage sites show how much the industry can play in the economy. It could build on the strengths of air transport infrastructure and health and hygiene, but should address safety, environment and business environments. "

It may appear that 45 out of 141 is a good result, but not when the national priority in this area is 90 lines. Of course, these figures are very superficial, and I'm willing to argue on every item, but there's a common sense in them. If we look into the truth, we have no place that can be cited in the example of centralized and integrated tourism. Tourism in Russia doesn't look like a money machine. Let's see, for example, Sochi and Shereges.


I won't tell you about the summer season, you can watch Soviet movies - nothing changed. With regard to the legacy of the Olympics, mining resorts on the Red Zone, the main problem is that the original location was chosen to be incorrect for the construction of winter resorts. A warm weather that gives few days for comfort rolling and therefore for infrastructure. It's more raining than snow.

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