Отдых в Анапе 2015 отзывы и

Replies And Advice From Greeks

Since 2001, the Greece from the UK has been collecting useful information about Greece on its pages. Once again, Grek.ru received the Star Award at the Nomination of the Best Country Web.

We propose the main sections where you can receive and communicate with experienced travelers in Greece:

Rest consultations in Greece (paid)

For those who don't have time to search for information, but there's a budget for professional fees, we've developed a consultancy package that will help you plan. Rest in Greece

Experts may:

  • recommend the route;
  • Choose the hotels you are interested in;
  • Find tickets for all modes of transport;
  • Provide advice on visa and insurance;
  • Advise merit and taverns.

The cost of consulting our experts is 100 euros per hour.for club members = 50 euro per hour)

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