Отдых с детьми

Summer Feedback

By going to the tour in July, you could lose the impression of a trip. First, it's a very hot month in Europe, and it's not everyone's condition to move a temperature under thirty. Secondly, there are so many tourists in the resort towns that it becomes increasingly difficult to rest among this fuss.

In July, we go to a cruise or a tour best to Scandinavia and Pristina. At that time, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway has a wonderful weather, the ocean is burning heat and making air fresh. The classic genre is considered bus trips on Scandinavia during which tourists stop in Norwegian fjords and fish on the islands of Sweden.

Festivals, holidays, concerts in July

Summer is a traditional time for all possible holidays and music festivals. In Europe, there's barely a week of rock festivals where one or two days we can see the world's best performers. It is particularly striking that Austria is constantly conducting classical music concerts, and the team plays directly on the street, and almost 24 hours in towns, it sounds like live music.

Also in Europe, there are red marches and carnivals associated with national holidays and traditions. If you go on a trip to the Danube or the Rhine, you can see from the ship's deck how the city celebrates.

Rest with children July

In summer Europe, there are many children ' s camps where you can send their Chads. For example, in Germany, Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta, a child will be able to add to a new culture, make friends and experience another language environment by attracting his or her English or German.

Many parents choose Russian resorts in case the baby gets sick.

When you leave for Bulgaria or Spain, you may not worry about the way you leave the children. The resorts have all the conditions to rest with the babies. There are a lot of attachments, water mountains, playgrounds, hotels offering nanny services and a special childhood menu.

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