База отдыха Золотая бухта

Gold Booth Reunion Base


Brief description

A wooden house: 18 single-story and one 2nd floor is located in the well-built area of the ZOLOTAY BUHTA recreation base. Economy-class recreational services. It's a dining room with plasma screen, café, shop. A restaurant of the national kitchen is open to visitors at the nearby Rypsh recreation base. There are volleyball and basketball sites and ping-pong tables. If you want to play pool or rent a bike. The playground is a good place for young guests. A parking space is provided for guests who have arrived in a private vehicle.


The available cost of living, the Base is located in the area of the Musser Reserve.

Description of the complex

The Golden Buhta Recreation Base is a great choice for budget Sea♪ The base, located in the solar Abkhazia in the unique valley of Ryapsch, among the living forests of the Müsser Reserve, near the village of Ldzaa and the resort of Pitsund, has all the conditions for rest from the city ' s loom, restoration of forces, contact with nature.

A simple gland beach, woods, rocks, a combination of seas and mountain rivers give this place a special beauty. The Territory is well-built, all green and colored. The base ' s guests are located in 18 wooden domics of the same type or 2nd floor. To their services, the " tablet " numbers are 2 and 3 persons. Each house has a combined sanitary, and cozy numbers are equipped with beds, cartons, fans. There are air conditioners in the new hull.

In a comfortable dining room, equipped with plasma television and comfortable furniture, three-dimensional meals are provided under order. The kitchen is diverse, simple and delicious, with national elements. They can go to a beach café, a national kitchen restaurant at the nearby Rypsh base, buy fresh fruit from local traders. In addition, walking on the shore before the Fishwater stops, a local cafe or discotheque, market or store can be visited.

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