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Found tours: 598 at a price: 45,678 roubles.

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Отдых на Кубе. ГаванаCuba

Cuba - These are white sand beaches, purely transparent seawater, coral reefs, multiple sludges for fish and beautiful nature. The rest of Cuba is a fascinating tour and unbearable impressions from a variety of festivals and holidays. If you add that the level of service on Cuba ' s chickens is high enough and the prices are very low, then the rest in Cuba will indeed be paradise!

Cuba's climate is tropical. Thermometer shall be lifted up to +19-21 °C in January, up to +30-35 °C in July, and the mean annual temperature shall be maintained at +26 °C. Over the course of the year, there is a high humidity, which, combined with a high temperature, requires some accumulation, but the sea wind allows the heat to be transported fairly easily. Water temperatures at sea are almost never lower than +24°C, so tours to Cuba are possible at any time of the year.

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The rest in Cuba is not just sunny beaches and amazing swimming. The divine fans will be affected by the swelling of underwater beauty. More than 30 centres Divine in Cuba To help newcomers learn how to dive with savalant, and experienced divers will provide the necessary equipment. The sea coast is not as popular as it is. surfing in Cubadespite the fact that, in this case, all the necessary surfists have to be brought with them: it is unfortunately impossible to take boards in Cuba.

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