Коктебель 2017: отдых, частный

Recreation Roof

The road through Ukraine isn't that closed, it's rather uncomfortable. The more requested route is through the Krasnodar region and the Kerchen crossing. One-way transport of a light vehicle is about 1,000 RUB. It operates around the clock, but work can be suspended due to weather. From the port to the port, you'll be able to reach the port in a couple of hours if you leave at night or in the booth the day when the turns aren't very big.


There's no transport system on the resort. Buses and routes running through Koktebel are mostly urban areas. They provide a communication between the towns and towns of Sudc, Kerchch, Feodosia, Simferopol.

Transport should be routed to the Koktebel vehicle, on the way to pick up or sow travellers on demand. The cost of travel to the village is about 10 RUB, to Feodosia, just over 20 RUB, to the nearest popular Crimean resorts, in the area 100-300 RUB. Up to the remote beaches are taken on foot or on a route (50-100 RUB). Tour buses go to local sights.

It is much more expensive to drive around a taxi. For example, a transfer from Simferopol airport will be costed at 1700-2000 RUB, from Kerchen to the settlement, for 2,000 RUB, in 30 minutes from Koktebel to Feodosia, some 500 RUB will be paid.

For those who don't want to stay in the village, there's a car rental service. The rental will cost 2,000-2500 RUB a day.


Dogs in Koktebel are mostly greedy, but the seaside is sandy. The most vibrant place is the centre of the shores, the more secluded places to look for both sides of the settlement.

The best beach in the outskirts of Koktebel, the Tiny Bukhta, can brag not only clean water at sea, small sand and fabulous landscapes, but also the fact that the bochta served as decorations to a lot of films. Among them are Richard Lionsheart, Al sails, Don Kichot, Mans from Kapucin Boulevard, Koroli and Cabbas, 9 companies, Pirates of the 20th century.

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