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таиланд зимой 2017All about winter rest in Thailand: where to go, which weather in December, January and February, what is the cost of bets, the cost of food and living in 2017, and the feedback of tourists on rest.

The end of exotic fruits and coloured orchids, vice Thailand, is the most demanded of tourists in wintertime. The rainy season ends in November, dry and warm weather with warm seas and comfort air temperatures of +30 °C. Thai winter can't be better off for a full beach rest and tour, no heat and unexpected rains. So we're going to tell you where to rest in Thailand in December, January and February, what to do and what weather it is, tell you about the prices of living, food and tourist travel, and share the feedback and advice of tourists.

(photo pho Paul D'Ambra - Australia / flickr.com)

тайланд в декабреWhere do we go to rest in Thailand?

Thailand can therefore be divided into several tourist areas.

Very popular with our compatriots, loud and fun. Pattya: A wild night life with go-go dances and an adult magnet show brings people looking for adventures here. It's a tourist season that lasts almost a year round, really, water in the Gulf is a few mutnovates, but the largest accumulation of bars and nightclubs on the coast. The tourists entertain diving, surfing, scooting, bananas, pills, etc. Families with children like to go to parks and animal shows, gardens and oranges with orchids. A few kilometers from Pattia are islands with amazing open beaches and clean water to which tourists go swimming.

таиланд зимой туры таиланд зимой цена

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