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Abkhaz Feedback From Advice

It's no secret that many tourists go to the Black Sea coast not only to rest, but also to improve health. Abkhaziya is regularly visited by people suffering from pulmonary diseases on medical recommendations. To date, some 170 mineral sources have been found in the solar State, many of which are thermal.

In addition to sanatoriums and boards offering preventive and curative health care, Balneolets work for all those wishing to strengthen their health in Abkhazia. Tramp and oil inhalation, mineral baths, massage, glynoling - will you be able to balance yourself with these procedures for just a few hundred roubles?

For children ' s health, of course, and for adults, final walks, diving and rafting will also be helpful.

On leave with the child

The solar valley of Apsna is a beautiful place for with children♪ When travelling with a child, parents tend not only to worry about their safety, but also to protect the manifestations of acclimatization. That is why tourists with babies under 10 years of age recommend that they go to Abkhazia for a minimum of one month. In most cases, the first one and a half weeks are used to climate, water properties and so on, and the rest of the time to recreation that has a positive impact on health. Adaptation will be much faster if a young traveler receives politician complexes within a month before the trip.

It is worth mentioning that staying in Abkhazia is safe. Even the country ' s flag tells us about calm in these lands: in the background of the white and green strips, the palm of the palm is portrayed as a symbol of the hospitality and friendship of the population. Russian citizens can always expect a warm welcome from their southern neighbours.

Rest in Abkhazia

Abkhaz resort

So, we're going to a virtual trip on the solar edge called Upsna. Gagra, Pitsunda, New Afon, the most popular and visited resorts of Abkhazia. Most of the beaches here are gallery and hot.

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