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The main direction is beach. However, a large number of antiquities are attracted in Syd and tour guides. The city was founded by ancient Greeks, there was a lot of evidence of their presence here on a small mouse, an amphitheater, a bath, a temple, a market area, wall fragments and many others.

How to get to Sid.

The nearest airport to Syd is in Antalya, but for those who don't like flying or not so fast, there are other routes of travel, land and sea.

On a plane

The Aviacommunication connects Antalia to Rostov-na-Donu, Magnitogoris, Omsk, Sochi and other cities. There are direct flights of Aeroflot and Turkis Airline in the schedule of Domodedovo, Cheremievo and Vnukovo. The cost of the tickets goes up to $250, the time on the way is 3, 5 hours. It's cheaper to fly, but longer and with a transplant in Istanbul and Ankara, 220 USD, the road will take 5, 5-18 hours. The flight is organized by Pegasus Airlines and Turkins Airlines. The prices on the page are as at December 2016.

From the Pulkovo, Aeroflot, Airfrance and Belavia are trained. All 1-2 flights in Moscow, Paris, Istanbul and Minsk. Ticket on both sides, 300 USD, time cost, 10-14 hours.

Antalya's air gate to Syd is about an hour away on a car. Taxists are on their way out of the terminals, travel to the hotel will cost 270 TRY. There are 20-30 TRY flight routes from the station near the airport.

On the bus.

We'll have to spend more than three days on the way. There are many options through Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and other countries. You can get to the Georgian Batumi resort - there's a 70 USD ticket from Moscow, the road will take 48 hours. Then we need to cross the bus to Antalia by the Turkish Metro carrier (of the English site), with a further 26 hours and 30 USD. And from there, in Syd, on a taxi or a taxi.

On the ferry.

The Sochi Sea Passenger Port sends fast boats to Trabzon every Tuesday and Friday. The cruise lasts 4, 5 hours, the ticket is 70 EUR. You're gonna have to take the bus to Antalia, 21 hours and 85 TRY, one side.

Sid regions

Kurort Sidé reached 20 kilometres along the Turkish Mediterranean on both sides of a small Cape, the historic centre of the ancient Greek city. It's where most of the sights are concentrated. To join the beach and the tournament. Better rest. We'll sit around.

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