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Fishing Wings Feedback

Рыбачье частный сектор 2016On the website, you will find all the necessary information to choose a vacation site in Crimea, in the private sector. In the village of Fishbuck, the private sector is well developed. Proposals directly from the hosts, without intermediaries and overpayments, feedback from tourists and current season prices.

Fishing is one of the most famous resorts in the Great Alumta area in southern Crimea. The distance to the city is about 30 km, to the Malorjechen settlement is only 5 km. This place is marked by opportunities for good fishing on coastal waters, for which the locality has been named.

Рыбачье отдыхThe villagers love the resting for their great beach, which is one of the best and most comfortable in the Crimean peninsula, and the incredibly painting nature. The resort is located near the mountains, a long, wide, covered small and flat galaxy on the coast. Infrastructure Fish well developed. On the coast, you can find attachments and entertainment for the whole family. The private sector offers many different types and costs.

For young people and anyone who likes active rest, night life and urban entertainment, there's a lot to do in Fish. There are bars, clubs, discotheques, restaurants for any taste in the summer season.

The resort offers many tours:

  • A trip to the neighbouring town of Malorjechnski, the famous Temple Maak of St. Nikolai Mirlikiski. The building also has a museum.
  • Travel to the most beautiful waterfall of Jour-Djur (Green Sel).
  • A walk on the mountain platoon, Bukht Love.
  • Seafish from the shore or on the boat.

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