Лучшие отели Кипра для отдыха

Best Holiday With The Children On The Cyber

лучшие отели кипра 2016Compilation of the best hotels of Cyprus, 3, 4 and 5 recreation stars with children, with high ratings and acceptable prices. Photos and descriptions, prices and opinions of the residents.

The hotels of Cyprus vary widely, but tourists are generally satisfied with the quality of service and recreation, especially since in most cases they receive what they pay for. In response to the crisis and the fall of the rouble, we decided that it would be useful to draw up a list of Cyprus ' best hotels for Cyprus. of children in response Travellers left in 2015 and 2016. At the same time, the hotels have chosen a low-cost and middle-price category, because you want to rest even when there's a crisis in the yard.

We've tried to take the hotels of Cyprus according to the following criteria:

  • Acceptable price (in a certain segment - 3, 4 and 5 stars);
  • High-rated hotel travellers (over 7 out of 10) and a large number of responses;
  • Good beach and, if possible, 1 line.

The prices are set at the last night in the number for two adults and one child and are relevant at the time of publication, but consider that they may increase significantly during the high season - recommend the reservation in advance. In addition, the course of the ruble may be affected by price change.

How was the compilation? To find out, we used a service that "make" to look at different parameters. We selected 11 hotels, which are Cyprus ' best hotels for recreation with children, according to tourist feedback.отели 4 кипр отзывы Try to build search filters according to your own preferences, maybe you'll find something more interesting and more fiscal! The Travelata Tour Service was also used for those who preferred to rest on the road.

So read, look, compare and book!

(Poto Yakinodi / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

кипр отели 4 звезды отзывыAya-Napa

One of the most budgeted and best hotels in Cyprus is three stars for recreation with children, Chrysland Hotel in Aya Napa. The value of the three-bed number is between Euro63 per day. Aya-Napa is a young and noisy resort, so it's a great option for those who appreciate the price-to-quality ratio and quiet rest. The Pansionate is located on the outskirts of Aya Napa, about 700 metres from the sea in the area of the popular Nissi beach. The nearest stores and beach are far-reaching, but this problem is easily solved by the rent of a car or a bike. Reading 7, 4 out of 10.

Another hotel in Cyprus, suitable for recreation with children, on line 1, Stamatia Hotel with ratings 8, 4 out of 10. 150 meters, there's a playground and a pool, infrastructure developed. He's very good for his three stars. It's worth $125 a night.

лучшие отели айя напы для отдыха с детьми отели кипра 5 звезд для отдыха с детьми

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