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Rest In The Paphos On The Kip

Today ' s Paphos is divided into two parts: the upper is on the hill, and it is a commercial centre of the city, with the market and the administration; and the lower, Kato Paphos, contains the main archaeological sites, most hotels and taverns.

In recent years, local authorities have been making titanical efforts to make Kato Paphos, where hotels, bars and restaurants are located on several kilometres of the coastline, are even more attractive. In particular, a new promenade has been created, which runs into the marina and where fabulous species open.


Paphos can easily travel on their two, bicycle or buses. Last year's course is long enough, every 10 to 20 minutes.

The most popular routes are: No. 615 from the port to the beach of Coral Bay and the Cary Tombs, No. 610 from Kato Paphos to the centre of the city and market, and No. 631 before the Afroditis stone. All routes can be found Official website The carrier.

Travel cost - 1, 5 EUR, day travel - 5 EUR (up to 23:00), night bus ticket - 2, 5 EUR (23:00 to 6:00). Weekly travel (day only) - 15 EUR. All tickets are purchased from the driver when they land.

Taxi in Cyprus is not cheap: a trip may be between 5 and 20 EUR downtown. It's better not to ride a taxi. It's very expensive.

Tourist buses

The bright red double-deck tourist buses, familiar to many tourists, the fever and Paphos. The marshrut passes along all the basic necessities of the resort, the audio-hyde on the English road broadcasts all the beauty (in Russian only a short annotation). You can go in and out all day for any of the 11 stops on the way. 24-hour ticket: 12, 5 EUR, children 5 EUR.

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