Дом отдыха Солнечный

Solar Abkhaz Reunion


Brief description

The Pancionate SOLNEIC offers a low-cost family and youth recreation on the coast of the Black Sea. This location attracts a convenient location (which is only 10 kilometres from the Russian-Abkhaz border and 10-15 minutes from the taxi to the Gagra centre), a diverse number fund and an optimal combination of the price and quality of services.


1. Three-time feeds on the Swedish table system.

2. The Pansionate is located in the immediate vicinity of I. V. Stalin and Beach White Rocks

3. Child animation

The board is on the slope of the Gagra Ridge. Cotteji's on the ground, the dining room, separates the road from the beach. The transition is through an underground transition.

Description of the complex

Sunshine is a popular recreational space for young people and couples. It is cozyly located on the territory of the Gagro Mountains, only 14 kilometres from the ground. Gagroes in the mountain village, Cold River. This place is really clean and whole. The atmosphere fits for full relaxation and recovery. If you wish, you can walk through a painting mountain range: all the paths are equipped for the passage of tourists, and there are comfortable recreational sites. The Pansionate has become a loving place for many tourists, since the proximity of the Russian border, only 10 km, provides a short road to a vice-recreation site not only for Russian citizens.

Travellers are provided with separate bottches, combined with a common yard, high-comfort summer lodges. Each has conveniences with a shower and a balcony with a view at sea. Elevated rooms contain air conditioners or fans. For all residents, there is a 3-time meal in the form of a Swedish table.

It's not only possible to rest on board, but it's interesting to have time. There are visits to Gagra, Sukhumi, to the lake of Ritz, to travel fascinating maritime travel. There are other recreational sites in the Territory: bars, cafes and billiards, libraries and tennis courts. People ' s ensembles and child self-reliance have been repeated. If you wish, you can visit the baths and massage rooms.

Recreation boards are provided on their own built-in beach, there are booths, hinges and beds. For additional fees, other sports equipment and the services of the centre of water-motor sports can be hired. The sand-galone beach is perfect for recreation with small children, and the distance from noise and fun settings will provide the baby with a beautiful night rest.

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