Коралловый риф в Красном море

Red Sea Feedback

где лучше отдыхать в израилеWhat's the best place to go? Tourists ' feedback on beach and cultural recreation, as well as advice on how to rest in Israel with a child. The prices of hotels in the country, the weather in different months.

The small State of Israel has a solution to the three seas, and its lands are simply abundant by ancient artifacts and cultural monuments. Biblical places attract pilgrims, luxury beaches recreational, and many come to a recovery course.

Mediterranean Sea

Tel Aviv is the capital of the country, a resort suitable for young people and entertainers. There's a lot of cafes and other fun settings, lots of walks and hops. In the Yaffa quarter, you can go to an exhibition of artists and try fresh seafood. All the beaches in the city are municipal.

отдых в израиле отзывы туристовThe small resort of Netania is between Tel Aviv and Haifa. His 15-kilometre coastal zone has eight beaches. According to tourists' retrieval in Israel, this resort is very good at active recreational activities, flying on parachutes, studying at the top. Part of the hotels is equipped with lifts to access the sea.

Haifa is a seaport on the slopes of Mount Carmel. His main attraction is the famous Bahai gardens. One of the best beaches in the country is Dore's beach.

где отдохнуть в израиле на мореAccording to the feedback, the best way to rest in Israel in Hertzlia is the most prestigious Mediterranean resort in the country. It's located near Tel Aviv, south of Sharon Valley. All the hotels are built on the first coastline, the beaches are clean and similar. Compared to a noisy megapolis, it's a calm and good place to rest. Div-centres, yacht clubs and health centres work on the resort.

отдых на море в израиле отзывы

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Dead Sea

Po Feedback from tourists Recreation in Israel on the Dead Sea, calm recreational rest can be obtained in Ein Bocek, where most hotels are concentrated. There are no nightclubs and discotheques in Ein-Bock, there are only clinics and shop hotels.

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