Нья чанг отзывы туристов

Emirates Feedback From Tourists

OAE or Egypt. Where do you want to go?
Tourism often faces difficult choices for their leave. There are exotic options like Bali and Mexico, but in order to go there, we need not only more money, but also a certain proportion of adventure and elevation. It's a doll, like the more usual Vietnam and Thailand. In addition, recreation in South-East Asia is not common for everyone, but for someone, Arab sororority and dry climate. In addition, the prices of trips in Thailand and Viet Nam are relatively high. The Tours of Goa and Sri Lanka also enjoy some popularity, but for family travel, they are not suitable. So what do those tourists who are difficult to carry a long flight do not want to overpaid for air tickets, but want to rest in a comfortable environment with nothing to worry about? We recommend that two options be considered: to buy UAE tours and to obtain unforgettable impressions from the glory of the richest city of the planet of Dubai, or to send to one of Egypt ' s " all-inclusive " hotels, to do the diving, to join the legacy of ancient Egyptians. The choice between the two popular countries is not simple. Recreation in OAE hotels is as diverse as Egypt. Many travellers leave unpleasant feedback not because the country is bad and not comfortable for recreation, but because tourists initially did not know what to wait for the rest.

Before referring to differences, reference should be made to the similarities of rest in OAE and Egypt.

· These are Arab countries, so language and culture are generally identical. In both countries, it is possible to touch the Arab colorite, look at the bedoin's welfare, ride the camel.

· Islam is a State religion. Most people are believers. There's no need to disrespect traditions.

· Most of the territory of both countries is deserted, so it is not worth waiting for vegetation.

· Climat in both countries is similar. The summer in both countries is very hot and the winter is warm, but there are empty winds. In January, winds are less powerful in OAE than in Egypt. The optimum time for UAE and Egypt tour is spring and fall.

· Travel time to Egypt and OAE is about the same, about four hours, and it is perfectly normal for children to be transported.

· Developed tourism infrastructure. These are developed areas and the State pays great attention to the development of the tourism sector.

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