Погода в Санье в январе

Rest In January

How to get

A regular flight along the Moscow-Sanya route is carried out by Transaero. Heinan has chartered flights from various Russian airlines, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Catherineburg, and the cities of Siberia and the Far East. As a rule, they all come to the airport of Sanya, the main tourist region of the island. It's about 10 hours from Moscow, from Catherineburg because of proximity to Asia, just under 8.

If we reach the city of Sanya on their own or on a short season, we can travel to the city of Beijing, where there are regular flights from many cities in Russia (from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Catherineburg, Habarovska, Vladivostok). Other Asian cities - Dubai, Doha, Seoul and others - can also be used.

A combination of different cities in China and the use of internal flights, such as from Shanghai or Hong Kong, may be possible. To fly from Hong Kong (approximately hours) but more often fly through Beijing and Shanghai. The flight of Beijing - Heinan lasts four hours, the Shanghai-Hinan flight lasts two, five hours.

Transplant programmes in Beijing are also offered by tourist operators, thus organizing combined tours combining tours in China ' s capital and recreation on the tropical island.

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Climat and weather in Sanja

Heinan Island is often referred to as " Eastern Hawaii " because of its location on one latitude with Hawaii. The islands are watered by the South China Sea, and more than 300 days a year is a clear solar weather. Precipitation per year - 1,500 mm. Xinaan is the second largest (after Taiwan) and the only tropical island in China. Xinan Island is clean and whole air. By the way, Nanshaan Park, located on the island, is the only place in the world to meet international environmental standards - ISO 14000.

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