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Greece Has Retired

The summer vacation season isn't over the mountains, and you still haven't chosen the country where the whole family should go? Then look towards Greece, this wonderful corner of the eastern Mediterranean. Greece is a country of myths, beautiful mountains and the warm sea. Stop in any of the hotels of Greece, and you will be enchanted immediately by the inexorable atmosphere of this province. Living valleys with lemon hills on which shower grass flourishes, ancient rocks with their temples and amphitheates will stab you and inspir the memory of ancient Ella. It is only in Greece that we can truly enjoy not only the rest but the very fact of life on this planet. Greek resort hotels always welcome new guests. You can be boldly staying in any hotel, and none of them will disappoint you with the poor quality of the service or the congestion prices. Intermediate care and good attitude towards tourists are not a developed habit, but a national feature. The free fun Greeks will always accept you with open arms. In this country, fun lasts almost a year, because the end of the summer is here. Sit down. Hotels of Greece and feel the joy of staying in this country. Greece is geographically diverse. The high mountains of Pind and Olymp, the mountain ranges of Thrace and Macedonia, which have been interrupted by few plains and have relatively small rivers, have risen to the continental part. This is what makes Greece ' s hotels very attractive to tourists: it is possible to stop in any corner of the country, and if the landscape is tired, it will be possible to move to a neighbouring town and be in a completely different area. Greece is the wonderful end of dreams. Greek hotels are always open to new guests. Solar bathers will appreciate the golden Greek beaches, where hundreds of Europeans come each year, and the burnt alpinists will come to love old rocks in the country. There's always a way to try yourself in a new way, because the Greek resorts provide training services for divinga, surfing and Windserfing, and they run boats, boats and sea katarans. And the gourmans who are in a hurry to join the gastronomy culture, and they won't have to go far, because traditional Greek dishes. ♪ ♪

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