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Crete tourist feedback


Remuneration - Greece

Critical family. I've been wanting to go to some Greek family for a long time. ♪

Blog recording

Hanya - Greece

Back from the White Mountains to Hanu, we decided to turn off the track and go back to the mountain road to see remote villages.

Georgiopolis, Argiropolis - Greece

How we rested on Crete in just a few days.

Two years ago, I was forced to load into this cave of Slon my current Igor Kavkin, his hobby paleontology.

Hotel feedback

4.8 / 5

Peninsula Resort Spa - Agia Pelagia

Resort's hotel with a friend at the end of May last year. It's time for dreams and springs, so I want to write a review and recommend this hotel for spring rest. I'll tell you right now that this hotel fits more for families and people looking for a more calm vacation.

withdrawal of object

Taverna Georgos-Retino

Georgos' farmhouse. In winter on Crete, the majority of people rest, usually for resort countries. It's good that I have a lot of hobby: a fisherman, a submarine hunt, and I've had a photograph lately. I went fishing for a mountain river this morning. But it didn't work, because of the rain, the little stream turned into a burning river.


Spinalonga, Grampusa, Santorini, Crit, Mala - Greece

Crites, atmosphere and shrimp

Photo album

Crit, Regentino, Hania, Iraq, Agios Nicolaos - Greece

Crit is an island of extraordinary beauty. It's a soft climate, comfortable sand beaches, amazing vineyards in valleys, olive groves and paint landscapes. Solar beams on Crete are good, not burnt. Because of the lack of absorbing heat, it breathes easily and freely. Small. ♪ ♪

Crit - Greece

Chudesen is the island of Crete, for centuries he's a man of the Tourist, sailors, military. There are no legends here. The king's palaces are insurmountable, and the sky's blue is cold! And the waters of their own creams, the warm olives, ♪

Knoss - Greece

It is known that about XXIII in before N.E., the island Greece has experienced a devastating infestation by the Arab tribes. In these years, the ancient civilization of the Kipala Islands has died and Krita has begun to recover. The most prominent feature of the self-sustained criticism culture was the construction of huge labyrinth palaces. ♪ ♪

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