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Rest Hotel In Egypt

First impression of Egypt

The first impression of Egypt, Dom, was the fall-time time of grief and brainwall. We've decided to go to Egypt. Sharm al-Sheikh: Sea, coral reefs and fish.

The host tourist in Egypt Joyce tours.

Egypt has had many times, but since this year is the first time. That's right from the beginning. Buy a tour on the advice of many friends from our little town on the Lucky Tour tour in Harkov, Natasha's girlfriend listened very carefully to our story about which hotels we used to rest. ♪

Fourth Season in Sharma

Sharm el-Sheikh 2016. Only two Egypts can be better than three... It turns out that the fourth visit to Egypt was the most recent. Egypt, this is one of our favorite countries.

Sunrise Diamond Beach Hotel

The first time we went to rest in Sharm el Sheikh is Egypt's Sunrise Diamond Beach Hotel and we didn't regret it. The truth is to compare things to us other than our home with nothing, but we really liked it.


Before, on vacation trips, there was no annoyance about services from the tour operators. Once there was a case in Turkey, when we were left to warn of the delay of the voyage and long sitting in the hotel lounge on the suitcases instead of continuing to bury and swim.

The trip to "closed" eggs.

Hey, everybody, they just came from Jurgada. It's fun, it's not empty. But everyone misses the Russians. Letali from Moscow through Istanbul by Turkis Airlines, has been very pleased with the economies of class!

Royal Grand Sharm Hotel (2016)

Once upon a time, we've had a long time to go to Egypt in winter. Red Sea To see if the sun's warmed up, to take the eastern exotic. The exception was a year when there was anxiety and revolution that dropped Mubarak, and last year, when I didn't risk flying, that is.

"Ukrainian" Egypt.

There's always a summer... You can find it in winter... The absence of Russian tourists in Egypt brought something new. It's weird, but Egyptians learned Ukrainian very quickly.

Neal cruise.

Cruise for Neil, the whole bus takes seven days, the flight took place in December 2015, the first day of the flight - the settlement at Stella Makadi Garden Resort 5*, the night before the morning at 600 we were followed by a bus, as it turns out in Ukraine, there were only four people out of Ukraine for all the warming, Russians for understandable reasons. ♪ ♪

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