Отдых на островах в Греции:

Recreation Islands

Photo coverage of cost of rest The full list of all Greek resorts, you can see the photos of the resorts, read the tourists' feedback. All relevant information about Greek resorts is here. Here you can find information about any Greek resort: a lot of photographs, real feedback from tourists on Greek resorts, recreation prices.

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Astipalea is the magic of light sleep. Here, the architectural aesthetic of Kyzak and the Dodecanis culture are closely intertwined. The island ' s natural charm does not violate the presence of a man. On the contrary, it's a bright sauce mask reviving this charming picture.

Athens are the era in history not only of European history, but also of world culture. Athens are the city of philosophers and philosophers, sculptors and architects. It's a modern megapolis, a lot of sandy. Athens is the capital of Greece!

Another bright star in the Greek island constellation. An island with its character, unique to it, an infinite magic and an atmosphere filled with barely catchable aromatics. The Hungarians who arrived in Zakinf, impressed by their glory, were called it differently as " The Middle East " .

Kalambaka, as in many other regions of Greece, has a rather ancient origin and is mentioned in the work of ancient Greek historians in 167 up to n.e. Kalambaca is the most evaporated monasteries of Meteora. The first monasteries of the 600-metre height of the Meteor rocks appeared in the fourteenth century, but in the X-century, nuns of shell were found in the open rocks looking for privacy with God. Thanks to the active development of the region ' s infrastructure in the second half of the twentieth century, today thousands of tourists from around the world can visit the magnificent rocks, penetrate the spirituality of this place and enjoy the amazing panoramas opening up from the top of the Meteor rocks.

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