Золотые Пески

Gold Sands In Bulgaria

  • 9 February, Thursday

    Pasmurno, little rain

    +1 °C, day +1 °C, night °C, water

  • 10 February, Friday

    +1 °C, day +1 °C, night °C, water

  • 11 FebruarySaturday


    -1 °C, day0 °C, night °C, water

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Golden Peskovs

The engulfed wooden hills of the beach strip (3, 5 km long and between 50 and 100 m wide) from the small-scale sand serves nearly 70 hotels and has a sufficiently developed recreational and sport infrastructure. The sea is small and the bottom is clean, but the entrance into the water is not as good as the Sunny Berega or Alben. During the summer period, the mean air temperature is +27 °C and water +24 °C


There's a great variety of hotels 3-4-5 stars inside the resort. Many tourists prefer sanatorium and home♪ Admiral, Grand Beach and Ambasador are popular.

Kitchen and Golden Peskov restaurants

Restaurants at the national level: Kosmaratha, Vonticata, Staria Iba, Atlas, Praslav. There are Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Greek, Russian and Scandinavian restaurants for foreign kitchens.


Natural natural factors are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of Golden Pescachs: marine climate, solar ultraviolet, seawater, salt and micronutrients, treatment mud and various kinds of medicinal plants. Arthritis, arthrices, stress, neurosis, chronic pamphlets and bronchitis are successfully treated at the Ambasador balneological centre. The treatment of bee products is also applied.

Entertainment and visibility of Golden Peskovs

The values of the Golden Pests are St. John Cretztel's chapel, Alaja's two-aris rock monastery (14 in) and famous mineral sources.

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