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North capitals can be accessed by Aeroflota, Es Seven, Turkins Airlines, Emirates and other companies. The ticket prices start from $500, we'll have to spend about 20 hours on the way. The fastest route from Emirates is 19 hours, the flight will cost 630 USD.

From the airport to the city

The Hoshimina Tanshonja air gates are half an hour away from the interurban slides. It's easier and faster on a taxi - about 110,000 VND. Fouta Bus Line is being transported. Moine's flights are 15 times a day, and we're gonna have to spend another 4-6 hours on the way, and it costs 120,000 VND.


Moine's territory is small, but it's better to use public transport to move around, walking from one end to another. There's a bus on Fanthiet. The stops are on the main and the only street where virtually all the hotels are located. The ticket price is 9,000 VND.

You'd better use a taxi to travel to the sights. Low-cost travel - standard travel costs 120 000-150,000 VND (estimated 12,000 VND per km). While many vehicles are equipped with enumerators, the price should be agreed in advance. A taxi can be ordered on the phone or stopped on the street. Most cars are new, with air conditioning and other conveniences. Motaxy is common in Muina. The cost of travel is still lower - 60 000-80 000 VND. It may not always be convenient, but faster than on the car. Those who fear the speed drive, better tell the driver, he'll be slower.

There should be no problem with communication - many speak English and even Russian.

Looking at the resort and its surroundings is comfortable on a bicycle, the roads are good, the area is equal. Transport is possible in many hotels or outlets opposite them. The prices are moderate - about 60,000 VND per day.

Rental of vehicles

To rent a car in Muyna is only experienced drivers - the road situation is tense, many locals do not comply with the rules, so it's rather dangerous to drive here. There's not much to go in a small resort, unless there's a long journey, buses and taxis can be used. However, those who have come for long and do not want to sit in one place should rent a car and go to neighbouring regions.

There is no major traffic in Moine itself, in larger cities roadblocks are not rare. Free parking lots are available to many hotels and restaurants, close to the sights of the parking lot, but the price is purely symbolic - 15,000-20 000 VND.

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