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Bulgarian Recreation

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Burgas region - Bulgaria

I didn't get the best headline. The event itself was not a “self-conscious tourism”, but in Burgas, I lived almost all the way down to look at the depths surrounding it. Photos that aren't Burgas from Aitos town, about 40 km. ♪ ♪

Varna - Bulgaria

About 10 kilometres from Varna, the oldest sea resort of Bulgaria, the Holy Constantine and Helena, broke out. In 2008, the complex celebrated its century. The title " Holy Constantine and Helena " has been borrowed from a single monastery located. ♪ ♪

Plovdiv - Bulgaria

The city from the Pharaoh era, the twin Greeks, the Carfagen and the antique myths, Hercula and Odysseus, and the most beautiful women like legendary Elena. ♪ ♪

Ruce - Bulgaria

For those who haven't really moved on to planes, the town with our ears called Rus will be the gate of Bulgaria -- auto- or wait, whatever. Whoever goes to Bulgaria from our northern edges will almost inevitably travel through this Danube. ♪ ♪

Swimming and his street clown. Balkans means a little elinism, a little East, a little Slavic and a few Gypsy drops, and a gloomate of vineyard cancer.

Holy Vlas - Bulgaria

Rest in Bulgaria during season

Sofia - Bulgaria

Solar summer walk around town with a soft name, a singing name and more than three thousand years of history... Look, maybe he'll surprise you too!

Ne September - Bulgaria

A little story about our husband and my husband on vacation in Bulgaria. Maybe someone needs to choose a place of rest.

Serbia, Bulgaria

A trip from Belgrade to Thesaloniki. In the first part, the road lies through the reserves of Gerdap and Star Planin to Sofia. Traveller clues and advice.

Hotel feedback

2.3. / 5

Sunny Day Club Hotel - Sunny Coast

To the beach, it's a mile away, a mile of 800. Specifically, my friends and family couples and couples with the baby have left a negative impression hotel. For starters, Landis. ♪

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