Rest In The Head

Головинка отзывыThe resort town near Sochi, which is perfect for a peaceful family vacation, is called Golovinca. It can be heard from a large number of tourists who prefer to take leave not on foreign resorts, but in the Krasnodar province of Russia, which has attracted rest for more than a decade. The atmosphere of silence and tranquillity, lascoal sun, warm sea, clean air and comfortable beaches is the perfect combination, naturally leading to admirable feedback from the rest.

Head and her natural beauty

There is a river called Shahe, which is rightly considered the cleanest water on the entire Socin coast. And it's not just a beautiful word, because water from it can be drinking safely without fear of conquering any infection. In addition, there are remarkable species in the outskirts of the river and in the vicinity of the sea that allow paintings. In the vicinity of the Golovinki, you can see vineyards, fruit gardens, a carpenter with different breeds.


The rest of the Golovinca is not only a pleasure from being escorted to the beach, but also acquainted with the virtues, which are pleasant. These include:

  • Dolmen, which are memoranda of ancient civilizations and are historically important;
  • Jehosh, with a large number of small waterfalls and cascades;
  • A unique tulip tree with a remarkable history;
  • 33 waterfalls that can be seen walking along the Shahe River;
  • beautiful tea plantations.


In order to organize rest in Golovinca, which can be heard from many tourists, it is necessary to first set the route and select the vehicles used. It could be a train that needs to get to the Lazarevsky station to get to the settlement. For half an hour, we can get to the point of assignment on the electric train, leaving the Lazarev Station. You can also fly on a plane to Adler, from him to Sochi and from there on a cab. By the way, a few bus routes are regularly routed through Golovinku. You can also use a taxi.

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