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TOP-CLIM is a selection of options with the best combination of price. It's time to start a vacation from this list. Tested by experience.

Going to Crimea for the first time? You lost your offer and the resort? Two minutes of time, and you'll be targeting the Crimea better than the Crimean itself!

Short instructions. The upper part of the page presents the living options that are being brominated through our portal. We've been checking these facilities, we've been driving and watching "living" before we publish it. These proposals have been seen and can be recommended for rest.

The following section is private announcements. This is where you can find your own housing. We have no additional information on these sites.

Fisheries - practical information on recreation

An article for those who have never been to the Fisher, but plan to come here on vacation.

Fishing is a small resort settlement on the coast of the sea 30 km from Alessta. ♪

Fish top

If you go to Crimea to break up and go to nightclubs, it's not your choice. If you want a village peace, a mountain air and great beaches - in a peaceful family vacation - then the fish is what you need. Those who have read my similar reviews of the Sunny and Maloremchen are apologizing to me - the will of the unwittingly I have to repeat, as the settlements are very similar.

Streets of Fish

And this is the city park, the view is very sad.

I'll make you happy. The city park is not the only place to go out with the kids. There's also a Panciont Culon - there's a park really nice. And most importantly, the park is open to everyone, not only for recreational boards. It's impossible to say how long it's gonna last. You know that "fixing fences and banishing" is our national hobby, which is all from the butler to the president. But so far, Kulon's open and you're probably going out there for a walk with the kids.

Kulon boarding park

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