отдых в июне отзывы

June Feedback

Vera, Winnica

It was the first time this year that they went to Alessta, early June. A month was chosen by the hotel, and a month was studied by the city on the map. And that's how it worked. The hotel's in a quiet place, the whole town can be seen in palms, beautiful and afternoon, and tonight, when the whole town is safe and fire. There's a dining room, a 24-hour ATB supermarket. Turns out there's no need for Cruise 2 in advertising, there's hardly any space available in the summer, everything's being sold in advance. Oh, oh, oh, oh! I'm only going here now! The city is great, trolleybuses are something! Fruit prices were cheaper than we had in town. The water's still cold in June, so it's too early for warm sea amateurs to go early in summer. The temperature of the water was 17, and 20, and even 14 (this is called " sunset " , when the cold currents come to the surface, something. Sometimes at any time. But we can warm up in a pool where water supports 28-29 degrees.

Oxana, St. Petersburg

Hello! Rested in Alesst in June, in the Professor's Corner, a private cottage called Natalie. It was an unforgettable week! It's great! The owners are welcome, not obsessive. The prices have been pleasant. Alessta, we'll be back! I will!

Veronica, Gomel

Been in Alessta for the first time, from 22.06 to 02.07.12. Air, nature and sea were happy for five days. Then the water at sea changed. And now I've become a cold, 12 degrees, I guess. Asked about the weather at the beginning of the month at the rest, everyone said it was very warm. So it is possible to go early in June, especially since the prices of housing are significantly lower than in July-August. In addition, the beaches have fewer people at the beginning of the summer. Play all the paychecks here. There's only one free, on the coast. It's a city beach, but it's really tiny and dirty. I don't know what's going on here in the season, 'cause people are sitting at each other's heads, even on paid beaches. The number of tourists had already increased markedly by 28 June. You can't push the coast. I don't want to go here with the kids, I'd rather go to some town. They travelled to Yalta and Gurzouf on the trolleybus. It's much cheaper than taking a tour. The building in Alessta is expensive. We've been through the house. They said 15 minutes to the sea, and 40 minutes to the sea and to the center, somewhere on the outskirts, shorter. I didn't want to go that far after lunch. So look carefully where you're gonna propose, you'd better check the map. I can give guidance from the Yaltinsky to the center and sea for 15 minutes.

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