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South and North Goa - what do you want?

The main difference between North and South Goa is beaches, covering the space and diversity of the landscape. For all three parameters, the northern part of the state falls south: the area of the latter is almost 2.5%, the coastline is 3 times long, the perfect sand beaches everywhere, the crystal clear water and the mountains. Judging from the Southern Goa, there's a good way to find privacy, people are smaller, but hotels are mostly expensive.

гоа отзывы туристов 2015There are beaches in the north of the state with sulphate sand of volcanic origin, but the infrastructure is better developed, the choice of housing is more from hatch hotels to low-cost gesthaus. And if the south prefers to enjoy private rest, then there are noisy parties in the north and a burly night life. It was this part of the state that in their time loved the hippies in the 1960s.

Call for Goa Hotels in 2015

Southern Goa hotels are different from the north coast of the state - better, more comfortable, only outside the hotel, usually no entertainment.отдых на гоа отзывы There's a lot of budget housing in North Goa, 3* and apartments, services and a number fund can be simplified. This is mainly where the audience is not demanding, their purpose is entertainment. The distribution of housing prices in the state is huge, so we can get a double number from $8 a night to $400-500, and even more.

Generally speaking, Goa's hotel reviews are good. Majorda Beach Resort has a beautiful territory, garden, separate bungalow, clean beach, delicious breakfasts, but there are also rooms with broken furniture and species. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 5* in Kansaulim offers a new registration fund, spa and aurveda. Rest has caused the kitchen and staff slowness. The Leela Goa 5* in Cavelossim can brag magnificent numbers, a great beach and a good kitchen, but there's a small minus, it's a river, it's a lot of mosquitoes, and there's nowhere to go around, just poor fishing towns.

A lot of negative feedback can be found at the Valentines Retreat Hotel in Candolam: old furniture and sanulus, boring food and poor services, laundry not to use. They complain about the Golden Palms Colva 4* Hotel, weak service, worn furniture, non-contractive food, which in the summer, due to the influx of Indian tourists, becomes too acute.

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