Rest In The Malaga

The main y/d station is located at Explanada de la Estacion, near which the vehicle station was stationed. Rapidly to Madrid can be accessed by train (80, 2 EUR, 2 hours 40 minutes). Slower, but also budgeted, Intercity (6, 5, in the morning). There are also trains to Kordova (30 EUR, 1 hour), Seville (30 EUR, 2 hours) and Barcelona (130 EUR, 6 hours). To get into Granada or Rondu, you're gonna have to transplant Bobadilla.

On the bus.

Malaga (Paseo de los Tilos) is located at the station, 1 km south-west of the city centre. This is where we can go to Seville (2, 5 hours), Granada (1, 5-2 hours), Kordova (2, 5 hours), Anteker (50 minutes) and Rhonda (2, 5 hours). 9 buses per day go to Madrid (6 hours) and north to France.

On the ferry.

Trasmediterranea (Estacion Maritima, Local E1) sends daily flights (3 hours 45 minutes) to Moroccan Melilla (38-45 EUR depending on the type of vessel).

Weather forecast

  • 9 February, Thursday


    +19 °C, day +15 °C, night °C, water

  • 10 February, Friday

    +15 °C, day +8 °C, night °C, water

  • 11 FebruarySaturday

    Pasmurno, little rain

    +14 °C, day +9 °C, night °C, water

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The nearest beach to the center of Malague is La Malagueta. Despite the fact that no one comes here behind the beach holidays (and everyone visits the city exclusively with “transfers” or tournamental purposes), a great day can be spent at sea. Other nice beaches, quieter and more vice, are east of the centre. It is possible to travel there for a long but pleasant walk along the sea or on a bus toward El Palo (line 33).

3 things to be done in Malaga
  1. Throw away stereotypical behavior and go to the beach.
  2. To keep an eye on all the important features of the city.
  3. To respect old Picasso, visiting both his museums.

Rental of vehicle in Malag

Because a large part of the travellers going to the hots of Andalusia and Costa del Sole arrive at Malaga airport, there's just a lot of car rental points. And they can be understood to travel on this blessed edge or to travel on the road to rented public transport apartments under such heat and knowing only economic students. All others may, for a reasonable fee, take a comfortable " useful friend " , an average of 30 EUR per day. Details on all the nuances are posted on the Malaga rental page.

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