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Phuket, Bangkok - Thailand

Coming up Phuket and an inadvertent Bangkok!

Blog recording

Phuket Town - Thailand

Continuation of notes on my first Phuket

Kata, Phuket - Thailand

Part three travels. Relax is on Phuket Island.

Simlane, Phuket - Thailand

Similan Islands.

Puket - Thailand

Tour Thailand. Surien Beach's vengeance. Wat Chalong Temple. A snake farm. Asian contraits. Excursion on fruit.




The food markets in Thailand are very popular among tourists, and every stunning country is bound to try Thai food.
The Malin Plaza market is on the Pathong Beach, where it is:

Exchange of currencies

There's a lot of exchange points on Phuket, almost every 100 to 200 metres. The highest concentration is in tourist destinations: beach, shopping centers, walking streets. Of course, the more remote the area, the smaller it is, and the exchange rate is far from everywhere.
Currency can be exchanged in banks. ♪ ♪



Puket is the largest Thai island, which enjoys the continued popularity of Russian tourists. Usually, from the airport to the hotel, a specially organized bus-transfer is delivered, and this is a service. ♪ ♪

" Travel means to dispel other misconceptions about other countries " Aldos Huxley

Raway - Thailand

Ravai is one of Phuket Island. The Southernest and the most beautiful. A relatively quiet place, more suitable for family rest, a little nightlier, compensated by a rather developed infrastructure, beautiful beaches and...

Photo album

Co-Bon - Thailand

Ostrov Bon (Ko Bong) is one of the islands of the Ravai region, Phuquit Province. It's located 2 kilometres from the Ravai coast, a small island with four beaches, one of them has a restaurant. How to get to Bon Island is described here. And in the album, what you can see is:

Bon Island is located in southern Phuket. It's a small island that's seen from Ravai's coastline. ♪

withdrawal of object

Plyg Ny Harn, Raway

Naiharn's the main beach of South Phuket, is in the largest bay on Ravai. Naiharn is known to anyone who has ever hit Phuket or is monitoring the ratings of the best spots with Tripadvisor, who in turn has repeatedly observed Nyharn as one of the best beaches in Asia.

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