Car Feedback

Recall of the Red Paul:
♪ I was asked yesterday: "Why can we go to the Red Pole?" I said, "Maybe." I was thinking... ♪

On the one hand, Rose Huthor's set of tracks, given the openness of this year, is already capable of replacing it with a small resort somewhere in Austria or Italy. I'm not talking about extra-trassing, it's here, and it's quite diverse.

The stores are also, in general, quite and more than that. Again, compared to equivalent kilometres of resorts, it's superior.

Tras are cooking, instructors are available, skiings are skided, spa-vaparki-kino-vino casino. ♪ ♪

Claims for residency-racing prices? I think it's only fair to claim that tea is worth 100 ra, and ordinary sausages on the slopes, too, for some kind of petty shirts. That's 100% accepted, that tea doesn't have the right to cost that money, and so does the sausage.

I'm sure a lot of things haven't been done yet - the administration's relationship with the black instructors, the rolling out of the tracks, the lack of accountability for a man's situation, or worse - "kill and leave." ♪ ♪

Yeah, there's no stocking. Yes, the settlements - both the KP and Esto Sadoch, have been built for some time and there's a crazy eclectic, from grandma's soap house on the streets and strange building blocks to modern construction, with sewerage that doesn't go anywhere. Yeah, DPS is obsessed like flies. Yeah, they don't clean the sidewalks. Yeah, well-qualified trainers are missing. Yes, the prices of many services are high and the quality of these services remains desirable. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Is it bad?

It seemed to me that the Alps resorts, 10 years ago, that is, at a time when these resorts were at the same age as the KP ' s developing resorts, which are still in the legal vacuum in many respects, and by age, there was a mass of kosyaks. And the visitors to these resorts had problems and dissatisfaction.

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