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You're here, the main statue of the publication, the Review of the Crimea resorts.

C1. The coast of Turkey or why Crimea is not Bulgaria

C6. Survey of Crimea resorts. Play, prices, nature.

What places do you know in Crimea? If you ask such a question, Yalta and Sevastopol will be the answer to the inquest. Yalta is a brand, the most famous Crimea resort. Sevastopol, you don't have to explain. And that often makes it very difficult to choose a place of rest for the first time in Crimea.

Failure to know the details leads to the fact that the rest is not as planned. Someone's looking for sand beaches on the UK. Someone's coming to find that there's no mountain in Nikolaevka. There's a lot of other casuses like that. I hope that after reading this article, you have a whole picture of Crimean resorts in your head.

In this article, I will give a comparative overview of the entire Crimean coast, from Kerchi east to the Inter-Earth and Black Sea west. I'll tell you about nature, exemplary prices, beaches, etc. details.

Fingers of Crimea, by the way, even me as a local resident, have been surprised by my diversity when I've taken up this issue. I've traditionally thought the beaches are divided into two species - sandy and gals. Turns out the sand is a bit different. There's sand yellow, "Classy," and there's white, beauty like ads. The sea is gray (this is all the way with the galky grinding) and there are sands, like sand, but with a very large amount of shredded shells, of which the sand appears to have been produced, a little sandy in the sense. My trips to the Crimea are mostly in intersex, so I couldn't swim at all the beaches, but I was trying to drown on the shore in all the towns where I offered accommodation.

This article, without false modesty, is the golden laying of information for a tourist travelling to Crimea for the first time. I don't know why no one's written such an article before me, but the fact - except for pseud-literary tumours on the theme " Crimea, green town among mountains, wonderful summer moments " - I didn't find any practical consolidated review. Let's begin, geographically from the East to the West.

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