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Or "A started all from the war."

Kabardinka is a settlement that started in 1836 as a military reinforcement.

Because this great place on the two sides is protected by mountains, and on the other hand, the wind is running, the climate is unusual. Kabardinka (Krasnodar province) began to develop as a resort not immediately. This occurred only in 1885, with the opening of the railway to Novorosia. That's when the village started to develop. It's worth noting that from Kabardinki to Helenjik, only 11 km.

кабардинка отдыхIn the 1960s, children ' s camps and sanatoria began to be built in Cabardinca, so a whole family is coming here to rest with children.

Cabardine 2017 is a great place to rest on any taste and almost any wallet. If you don't know where to spend the rest, there's no doubt that Kabardinka's perfect choice. 2017 is the year of popularity of this resort.

Cabardinca can rest, and heal in one of the sanatoriums, and enjoy many sights and beautiful places.

Marshrut Gelenjik-Kabardinka takes only 20 minutes. Everything's fine in Cabardinca! Even to get to the Gelengik-Kabardinka bus, we have to go through a beautiful alley that's from the sea itself.

отдых в кабардинке The village of Kabardinka in Krasnodar Krai is glossed by various festivals and concerts, which have the opportunity to restore not only physical but also moral forces.

The town of Kabardinka is only called by tradition, in fact, a resort that has little to do with the border. There are five-star hotel complexes, sanatoriums, boards, home♪ But it's not all, because there's so many things in this place that the impressions of a man are going on for years.

For example, the Cabardinca resort offers to visit the Old Park, which in a small area has collected prototypes such as Egyptian pyramids, sphinxes and anti-sculptures. Or the Castal Purchase, which is located in a preserved museum forest near the Markhotta Ridge. What's one visit to a relic core face? The whole air and the beauty of nature will not leave an indifferent to the very worms of the cinnamon, and the natural and beautiful creators will be in real euphoria from contact with nature. And this is Kabardinka's painting resort.

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