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January Weather Feedback

I've lived in Tbilisi for over 10 years, but I've never been used to local winter. In Georgia, there is a host that I remember every year, the hotter summer, the cold winter. This year, we had a hell of a heat, see what's going to be winter. I'll tell you what weather we got in January.

General description of January weather in Tbilisi

This is New Year, the first January, there are trees everywhere, the windows of the houses and girland stores, snowflakes, and every year I'm confused, and January is this? ! Tbilisi January is so unpredictable that you don't have to clean the autumn clothes and shoes, it can be very warm at any time. But you don't need to relax if the wind blows up, it'll be so terrible that the fat jacket won't help. Imagine, warm, solar, wind's gone all day, and all of a sudden, the wind's trying to rip the bars out of the windows at night, and I'm sure he's got all the lazy balconies out of the balcony. And in the morning... There's no way out this morning! Wind just knocks off! Unlucky for those who in this weather have to go to work on their two men while you get to the bus, holding poles and pieces, the wind will try to get rid of the earth many times. And sitting on a route like this is a heroic thing. Everyone who's already sitting inside is manly holding the route door so that it doesn't get ripped off by the wind until the unhappy future passengers try to escape from the stop to the doors. It's not an exaggeration, two years ago, my neighbour, in this weather at the stop, was lifted and thrown at the wind pole, the poor woman was then lying in the hospital. Work on the windscreened doors of the cars is drastically added to the points of the service. And the hospitals are regularly bringing grandmothers with fractures who risked going out into such a terrible weather alone...

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